A Welcoming Workplace: Incorporating DEI at Your Firm

NAPFA’s DEI Initiative is dedicated to its mission to create and innovate a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the financial planning profession. Over the past six years, NAPFA has hosted webinars, conference sessions, and conversations circles on topics related to DEI. The Initiative has also created and launched a DEI Training and Certificate Proogram and sent over 50 members through the program.

In 2020, NAPFA released a DEI toolkit that was a combination of videos and a guidebook designed to help NAPFA members with actionable steps they could take on their individual and firm DEI journey. In 2022, NAPFA’s DEI Initiative Committee realized that it was time for a reimagining of this project and began reaching out to NAPFA firms to see what they could share with their peers.

About the Project

A Welcoming Workplace: Incorporating DEI at Your Firm, is a series of six case studies of NAPFA firms who have made encouraging progress around DEI in their firms. The firms themselves are also diverse, including women-owned firms, large firms, solo firms, and a firm focused on helping those with special needs family members. While DEI work can feel daunting, NAPFA is proud of the work its community has already achieved, and created this series so that other NAPFA members could see examples of what they could do to make a difference. The firms all have different focuses and approaches, but all coalesce around one central theme: everyone, no matter the makeup of their firm, can make progress in DEI.

NAPFA encourages its members to read about the work being done by peers, and to look in the coming months for more opportunities to discuss DEI as a member community. If you have any questions about this project or any of the firms involved, please contact diversity@cvoiz.com.

Read the Six Case Studies